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houston maritime law attorney free consultation so we are here to know more details about houston maritime and some information about law is it agood carrer or not and wiki about it but not briefly cos I am going to go in details about it so you can understand every thing .

houston maritime attorney

firstly what do you know about houston it self Admiralty law or maritime law is a body of law that governs maritime issues and private maritime disputes. Admiralty law consists of both domestic law of maritime activities and private international law that govern the relationships between private parties operating or using oceangoing vessels. While each jurisdiction has its own legislation governing maritime affairs, the international nature of the subject matter and the need for standardization, since 1900, have led to significant developments in international maritime law, including several multilateral treaties.

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Admiralty law can be distinguished from the law of the sea, which is a body of public international law dealing with navigation rights, mining rights, jurisdiction over coastal waters, and maritime relations between nations. The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea has been adopted by 167 countries [b] and the European Union, and disputes are resolved at the ITLOS Tribunal in Hamburg.

Although they are not seafarers themselves, they are more than qualified to handle any legal issues that affect marine companies and individual professionals. Moreover, it is a very nice career choice in terms of money, harboring some of the higher paying jobs in this type of work.

Maritime law, also referred to as admiralty law or the laws of the sea, is the set of domestic and international laws and treaties that govern behavior at sea. The United Nations issues through the International Maritime Organization (IMO) agreements that can be implemented by the Coast Guard and the Navy in most signatory nations.

Maritime law can govern many insurance issues with respect to goods on board, civil matters between ship owners and passengers and piracy cases. It also covers registration, inspection and insurance of ships.

The UK is the leading provider of legal services to the maritime community with over forty law firms active in the sector. English law is applied to shipping disputes on a much larger scale than the law of any other country. Therefore, due to such a broad specialization in the UK, some universities here also offer Maritime Law as an option especially in LLM courses or MSc degrees.

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houston maritime law firms

At Patrick Daniel Law, our Houston marine attorneys are well-equipped to handle the challenging marine injury cases that other Houston marine law firms find extremely complex. The Houston Marine Casualty Act, also known as the Admiralty Act, has many quirks and inconsistencies. It takes a marine casualty attorney to see these discrepancies, and we find them in every case that reaches our Houston law office.

Houston shipping workers are at a disadvantage in some maritime situations. In other marine injury situations, they have some advantages in their favour. But only a skilled naval attorney in Houston would be able to know everything. So, whether you’re in Houston, Harris County, Pasadena, Baytown or the outlying suburbs, if you’ve had a sea injury and need a Houston marine casualty attorney, Patrick Daniel Law is here to help. Contact our Houston marine attorneys for a free consultation.

offshore accident lawyer

The ocean is the most dangerous workplace on the planet. The U.S. Naval Industry is found in nearly every state, and employs more than 400,000 workers across the country. Marine workers find employment in a variety of fields such as shipyards, offshore terminals, fishing and aquaculture, seafood processing, commercial diving, and marine transportation. According to the Centers for Disease Control, shipping workers face a greater risk of death, injury, and disease than the average American worker.

From slips and falls to equipment failure, collisions, fires, unsafe work practices and negligence, marine injuries typically require costly — and sometimes long-term — medical care. Catastrophic injuries may mean that an injured worker who depends on his physical ability may not be able to return to work. This can be devastating for families, especially if the worker is the sole breadwinner and is no longer able to earn a living.

Injuries abroad are governed by laws different from those that apply to workers on the ground. If you or someone you love is injured or ill while working abroad, we encourage you to contact an injured overseas attorney at Montagna Maritime Law as soon as possible to request a free assessment of your case.

maritime law houston

Since the establishment of our company, individuals and companies with legal issues have turned to Spagnoletti Law Firm for efficient and diligent legal representation. Our team of attorneys brings together decades of legal experience, and we’ve represented clients from across Texas, the United States, and the world.
We often work with parties located in Houston and across South Texas. However, hundreds of our customers are located outside the country and in other countries.maritime lawyer salary

$118,500 per year

According to Law Crossing, the average salary for marine/navigation attorneys in the USA is $118,500 per year.

best houston truck accident lawyer

No matter how the Houston truck accident happened, you will face an uphill battle that the trucking company and insurance companies will fight. That’s why you need a Houston truck accident attorney in your corner fighting for you.

With more and more commercial trucks on our roads, we’re seeing a lot of major accidents in Houston today. Whether it’s a massive 18-wheeler, tractor-trailer, or a delivery vehicle like a UPS truck, FedEx truck, or Amazon truck, truck crashes can be devastating for victims and their families.

maritime injury lawyer

Workers in the marine and offshore industries face a number of risks while working every day. Unfortunately, the inherent risk of accidents in the workplace means that a large number of shipping workers are injured or killed each year. With so many laws and regulations in place to help protect workers, these accidents simply shouldn’t happen. However, when they do so, injured workers and family members of those killed in maritime accidents may take legal action against the responsible party.

At The Ammons Law Firm, we assist injured seafarers, offshore dredger employees, port workers, stevedores and all other shipping workers with a variety of personal injury matters. With over a century of combined experience, our Houston marine and marine casualty attorneys have the dedicated focus and understanding of this specialized legal area needed to assist you in your claim. We’ve Backed Over $1 Billion for Customers Nationwide – Find Out How We Can Help You.

houston truck accident attorney

From the moment the accident occurred, the other driver’s insurance company begins to fight the payment of your legitimate claims. Their insurance official may try to blame you, as the victim, for minimizing the extent of your injuries and delaying reimbursement. We can combat these illegal attempts and work to secure a positive outcome on your behalf.

If your insurance company says your driver’s fault insurance company can’t cover the damages or can’t cover enough, or if your insurance policy can’t provide enough coverage, you should contact an auto accident attorney to discuss whether you should file a personal claim Whether or not a claim.

jones act law firm

If you have been injured in a marine accident, Willis Law Firm is here to help you. We have more than 40 years of experience protecting the rights of workers and other individuals who have suffered serious marine injuries. Our company understands that the legal system can be intimidating and confusing for injury victims. Each Jones Act attorney is there to confidentially answer your questions and guide you through every step of the legal process.

Marine injuries and accidents can have devastating consequences and change the lives of victims and their families. In addition to your initial pain and suffering, you may experience serious and ongoing medical problems that prevent you from making a full recovery and returning to work. While your employer may promise to take care of you and find a new job that adapts to your injuries, these types of promises are often not kept. Oftentimes employers and their insurance companies deny liability and look for ways to reduce the amount of compensation they are required to pay injured workers.

Whether you have been injured on a ship, oil rig, offshore platform, barge, tugboat, fishing boat or any other type of vessel, you need a strong team of experienced marine and Jones Law attorneys. It is important to remember that your interests and the interests of the employer do not always coincide. At the end of the day the business owner will be looking out for his own interests. David Willis, a Board Certified Personal Injury Trial Attorney and Jones Law attorney, can protect your rights and fight for the compensation you need to recover from your injuries and move on with your life.

maritime attorney

Maritime lawyers are lawyers who specialize in marine injuries and boating accidents that occur in recreational and commercial maritime activities.

maritime attorney houston

At Cobos Law, our Houston marine injury lawyers pride themselves on helping injured seafarers file for compensation. Every occupation has its risks, and the maritime industry is no exception. In fact, seafarers work in one of the most dangerous industries.

Seafarers suffer work-related injuries while on board. The court acknowledged this. Additionally, our Houston personal injury law firm is constantly working to fight for injured seafarers.

The Law of the Sea gives injured seafarers the opportunity to claim the necessary compensation for work-related complications they suffer. Furthermore, these laws are the basis for all injuries suffered by seafarers.

Be sure to work with a Houston maritime lawyer if you are injured at sea
Fully understand these laws. If you are injured in the maritime industry, please contact
Our personal injury lawyers, let us fight for you.

houston maritime attorney ctrlsal

As in any other industry, seafarers are at risk of occupational injury while on the job. Courts recognize this and continue to work to protect injured seafarers through the general law of the sea. The Law of the Sea gives workers injured at sea or in the maritime industry the opportunity to claim necessary compensation for medical complications suffered.

houston maritime death attorney

Have you been injured in a marine accident off the coast of Houston, Texas? You may be entitled to a large cash settlement or prize. However, external accident claims can be complex. Let Houston’s experienced marine injury lawyers at Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers assist you in the fight for the compensation you need.


houston maritime explosion attorney

The oil and gas industry is a large industry in Houston and is very profitable for those who work in it. Unfortunately, it is also a very dangerous field of work. Working on an oil rig is a very challenging task and workers must be treated with respect and safety measures must always be in place to protect them. This does not happen often. There are many offshore and oil rig injuries that occur on these rigs, and when they do occur, the victims deserve compensation. A Houston offshore and oil rig injury attorney can help if you are harmed.

houston maritime accident attorney

Houston’s maritime industry is iconic, and seafarers and maritime workers are a great part of our city. These workers are also at risk of injury every time they get out of the water. That’s why admiralty or admiralty law provides you with recourse in relation to work-related injuries – but obtaining the compensation needed for these losses can be very challenging. This is where an experienced Houston marine injury attorney can make a huge difference.

houston maritime injury attorney

Was he injured in a marine accident? Schedule a free consultation with a marine injury attorney in Houston to get all the facts. Call 281-283-8500 or fill out our online form.

An experienced marine attorney like Scott Crest can be the difference in maximizing your claim and getting everything you deserve. Attorney Crist has been fighting for injured sailors for over 25 years and has won some of the biggest recoveries in Texas.

What makes marine accidents different?
A unique set of laws apply to marine casualties. Several laws may apply in a maritime lawsuit that do not apply to accidents on land. Sometimes referred to as Admiralty Laws, they are designed to protect specific positions and employees. For example, an injury to a person while a crew member on a ship is filing a lawsuit is different from that of a person injured in a motor vehicle accident.

The main difference is the damages you can compensate under maritime law. Additionally, some injuries that occur on the quayside, such as while unloading containers at the Port of Houston, may occur under maritime law.

houston maritime rig attorney

At the law firm of Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Augusto, Aziz and Stogner, our location in Houston, Texas, allows us to provide adequate representation of the large numbers of people who have been injured or killed in and around the Gulf of Mexico. From merchant sailors to oil workers who were injured while working on a drilling rig at sea or on land, marine work injury lawyers in Houston provide effective representation to make sure injured or loved ones are protected from workers suffering wrongful death. Contact us today to discuss your injuries and your legal remedies. Call (713) 222-7211 (toll-free 713-222-7211) for a free consultation.

houston maritime catastrophic injury attorney

Near Galveston, which is home to many famous cruise ship canals. When crew members on these ships are injured, they may only get basic first aid. As a result, by the time these victims receive proper medical treatment, their injuries may have developed into something more serious. For this reason, commercial fishing is consistently ranked among the most dangerous occupations in America.

As an employee of one of the country’s most dangerous industries, you deserve protection from avoidable harm. Should an injury occur, you need proper compensation to help you recover and move on with your life. In the event of a work accident, employees are usually eligible for compensation under the state’s Workers’ Compensation Program. Although legal jurisdiction in Texas ends at the shoreline, injured outside workers are eligible for no-fault compensation under the Jones Act. The Jones Act is a federal law that allows overseas employees to reimburse employers for injuries on the job. What this means is that if the employer has been negligent by exposing employees to unsafe working conditions, they may be entitled to compensation.

houston maritime burn injury attorney

At Kolodny Law Firm, we strive to assist those affected in unfortunate marine and offshore personal injury accidents. We know that without adequate assistance, major oil companies and offshore ship owners will do everything in their power to minimize their liability and subsequent costs when it comes to treating injuries sustained on their offshore properties due to negligence on their part. Alan Kolodny has successfully resolved cases in the areas of Admiralty Law and Maritime Law, Jones Law, Longeshore and Harbor Worker Compensation Law, crane oil rigs, commercial diving, tugboats and barges, cruise ships, basket transfers and more. We bring a dedicated work ethic and experienced legal skills to every issue we deal with, and because of our company’s relatively small size, we make it a point of contact with our clients on a personal level. We aim to get to know them and the pain they are going through, and strive vigorously for fair and equitable compensation for their pain and suffering in such trying times.

maritime injury attorney houston

Ixas ports handle about 565 million tons of cargo. The Port of Houston, the Port of Texas City, and the Port of Galveston all play direct roles in the economy of both Texas and the nation. Huge amounts of imports and exports not only pass through these vital seaports, but the ports also provide millions of jobs.

While it is the employer’s responsibility to minimize the risk of injury, work on boats and rigs is inherently physical labor, and injuries can and do occur. If you are injured in an accident, feel free to file a claim.

Our marine injury attorneys are here to help. We deal with injuries that occur in both marine and terrestrial environments where it may be difficult or impossible to enforce safety regulations. Our company has a wide reach that extends across the country. We have experience in many cities across the country and serve the

houston maritime amputation attorney

Medical malpractice associated with anesthesia occurs at what might be called a shockingly high rate. Anesthesia malpractice is a type of medical negligence that occurs when an anesthesiologist or other medical provider responsible for administering anesthesia supplies an incorrect amount of medication needed for surgery. Anesthesia is properly designed to put the patient into a temporary loss of consciousness or sensation for the purposes of a medical or surgical procedure of some kind.

Errors related to the administration of anesthesia can have serious consequences. This type of malpractice can result in the patient experiencing incredible pain and distress during surgery due to failure to administer adequate anesthesia for the procedure. At the other end of the spectrum are situations in which an anesthesiologist or other medical provider incorrectly administers anesthetic medication in a way that results in permanent brain injury to the patient.

Brain injuries resulting from errors or negligence associated with the administration of anesthesia can greatly affect a person’s life. Permanent injury associated with this level of medical neglect can lead to profound cognitive impairment and life-altering physical limitations.

Medical malpractice resulting from anesthesia errors is one of the most complex legal issues. An adequate level of compensation is vital to ensuring that losses associated with injuries and impairments arising from this type of negligence are covered. The complexities and challenges associated with this type of claim require professional assistance from a skilled and diligent medical malpractice attorney.

maritime attorney houston tx

Carabin Shaw was established over 28 years ago to fight for the rights of victims of car crashes, trucking accidents, 18 wheeler accidents, motorcycle accidents, worksite accidents and other losses. Our offices are located here in San Antonio and across Texas. With over 200 years of combined experience in personal injury law and a commitment to a higher standard of service, our attorneys have won thousands of personal injury and wrongful death cases. We are exclusively committed to defending the rights of individuals who have been wrongly injured or killed in accidents. We defend victims against insurance companies and responsible parties. Our attorneys are predominantly located in San Antonio and have branch offices throughout Texas. We work hard to not only win your case, but to keep our clients informed and engaged throughout the representation. Our office works with the best and brightest doctors and medical experts in the medical field and we are able to send our clients to them so that our clients get the best possible treatment for their personal injuries. We offer free advice to anyone who needs legal advice, and if we are unable to help a potential caller, we will take steps to find someone who can. Carabin Shaw strongly represents victims of car crashes, trucking accidents, 18-wheel car accidents, worksite accidents, wrongful deaths, and other injuries.

houston maritime attorney in usa

Offshore and Navy personnel who need legal assistance with their personal injury cases have an ally in Schechter, Shaffer & Harris, L.L.P. With over five decades of experience representing seafarers, stevedores and personnel in the maritime related professions, we have helped many individuals win significant settlements for their pain and suffering.

houston maritime work injury attorney

Working in the maritime industry poses a significant risk to those involved. The marine industry is frequently cited for its large number of injuries, illnesses, and fatalities. More worryingly, the lack of accident reports from some countries leads to underreporting of deaths and injuries. Heavy and sophisticated machinery, along with sometimes unpredictable conditions, creates a dangerous mix of accidents. The problem comes on quickly and often leads to life-altering consequences. Even if workers do everything they can to prevent personal injuries, illnesses, and death, some accidents are out of their control. Here are some of the ways accidents can happen in the marine industry.

houston maritime brain damage attorney

Oil rigs, drilling rigs, and other crafts used to extract oil and natural gas were some of the most deadly places to work on land or sea. The volatile nature of oil and natural gas can cause it to explode and wreak havoc on workers. High pressure, cracks, leaks, fractures, collisions and foreign objects can cause a pipeline of highly explosive materials to launch into fiery chaos. Workers can suffer serious burns and fatal injuries that leave families dazed and agonized over their loved ones. When oil companies and workers fail to follow safety standards or equipment malfunctions, explosions can instantly destroy lives.

houston maritime traumatic brain injury attorney

The machinery used on ships has many moving parts and uses advanced technologies. The complex nature of machines creates an increased risk of failure or failure. When machinery does not operate properly it threatens the safety of workers and can lead to serious injuries.

houston maritime tbi attorney

The safety and lives of marine workers are entrusted to the equipment they use. Even if everyone follows the correct procedures, an accident can still occur due to faulty equipment. Companies and manufacturers must take great care to ensure that the equipment they provide to workers will do its job. Defective equipment leaves workers almost helpless in the face of serious injury or death that they could not have foreseen.

houston maritime worker injury attorney

Proper housekeeping is always important when working abroad. Maintaining a clean and unobstructed surface allows seafarers to work safely and efficiently. Reasonable care must be taken to make the deck as safe as possible to prevent slips, trips and falls which could cause numerous injuries to the crew and passengers.

houston maritime attorney in the usa

Safety devices on any type of vessel provide safety from accidents. When they fail or malfunction, people are often left with little or no defense. Ship owners must ensure that safety devices and procedures are functional and up to date. If they fail to do so and it results in an accident they may be liable for the consequences.

houston maritime work accident attorney

Commercial fishermen deal with changing weather, choppy seas, long hours, hard work, and other hazards at sea. Workers can fall overboard, injure themselves or others, misuse equipment, slip, and have many other accidents. While workers do all they can to support the ship’s mission, owners must take reasonable measures to protect their workers. Whether you work on or off a commercial vessel, you enjoy the benefits and protection of an injury on a commercial fishing vessel.

houston maritime lawsuit attorney

Sailing on the high seas requires skill and focus. Whether it is a tugboat, an oil tanker, or any other vessel that has a collision or collision, the results can be disastrous for sailors. Boats should be navigated carefully to avoid hitting other ships, land and other objects that you may encounter. Reasonable care would almost certainly avoid an accident but sometimes this does not happen.

houston maritime burn attorney

Explosions, aging, breakage, corrosion, leakage, pressure, foreign bodies and defective parts among others can cause the pipe to spill oil into the ocean. This creates a devastating effect on the environment and can harm anyone around it.

houston maritime spine injury attorney

Working closely with machinery, tools and other equipment prevalent on offshore vessels creates a risk of infection. Missing or damaged toes and limbs may occur and if reasonable care is not taken to prevent this the employer or shipowner may be liable for negligence


Shipping workers need a clear mind and body to navigate the many risks of their job. Unfortunately, not everyone uses good judgment. This failure to use sound judgment can put others at risk for drug or alcohol intoxication. This irresponsible behavior can lead to many accidents both for co-workers and others who come to the surrounding area.

houston maritime spinal cord injury attorney

Cranes are frequently used in the marine industry to transport heavy materials. When it breaks, malfunctions, or operator faults are everywhere, you face enormous danger. Falling materials can cause injury or death and care should be taken to reasonably avoid such accidents

spine injury attorney houston

Maritime transport workers, especially at sea, have to perform many jobs. Some of them may involve mounting, soldering, or repairing objects. Sometimes, if proper equipment or proper safety is not provided, injury may occur.

houston maritime serious injury attorney

Towboats and tugboats use heavy-duty towing lines and robust cables and equipment. Lines disintegrate, workers get trapped or pulled in ropes, slippage, machine failures and other hazards make working on those ships extremely dangerous. The small size of the decks compared to the amount of equipment they have creates many obstacles on the deck as well. Employers and ship owners are obligated to provide a reasonably safe environment. Otherwise, workers may be injured or killed.

houston maritime paralysis attorney

The seas often move unexpectedly. Constant swinging and changing directions increase the chances of losing things and injuring people. Machinery, machinery parts, merchandise and tools shall be secured with reasonable care. Lack of proper precautions may cause them to disintegrate and injure a sailor. The high speed and high weight of loose objects create huge potential for severe injury and death. Shipowners must secure all things as reasonably possible against the elements of the sea. Dockers frequently work with moving objects that create the potential for them to crash or bump into them. Care must be taken to protect them as well.

houston maritime amputation injury attorney

Transporting chemicals and other toxic substances requires careful care and exposure protection. The safety of all involved in the process must be prioritized. To ensure that these companies must provide appropriate warnings and training to all of their employees who may encounter these hazardous materials. Businesses must also adequately research the potential hazards of exposure and make plans to minimize harm in the event of contact. The effects of exposure may not be visible and may take years to develop but companies can still be held liable for putting workers at risk.

houston maritime brain injury attorney

The weather in the ocean develops rapidly and passes mercilessly. Companies should not compromise on the safety of crews and aim to protect them from the elements to a reasonable degree. When a company exposes employees to foreseeable danger from the weather, they may be liable for accidents that occur. If your injury was caused by tropical cyclones, cyclones, waves, wind, rain, sleet, temperature extremes, or other natural elements that could reasonably have been avoided or mitigated, it is wise to contact an experienced marine attorney.

maritime defense attorney houston

Fires on naval ships pose a great danger. The proximity of the flame as well as the limited time and place to work enhance the effects. A fire can arise from offshore drilling activities that encounter highly flammable oil and natural gas. If a fire is caused by an explosion or other accident, it can result in life-changing injuries and death. If you or a family member has experienced this tragedy, please contact an experienced attorney to understand your rights.

maritime marissa attorney houston

Maritime employment requires specialized skills and training. Companies must train all of their staff to perform their jobs safely. This can include not knowing how to use equipment, working with others, or using safety measures. If you are hurt by the actions of other crew members due to insufficient safety or training, you may have an issue of negligence.

maritime accident attorney in houston

Working long hours at strenuous jobs can build up. Sometimes companies pressure seafarers to work longer than they should. This fatigue may lead to fatigue. Exhausted workers cannot function at their full capacity, either physically or mentally. Minor chirps can cause a major accident. Repeated use of your body can also cause it to break down and injure yourself over time. If an accident occurs due to exhaustion or exhaustion, you can hold the ship owner liable. The crew’s undersupply increases its capabilities and increases the danger to everyone around it.

marissa maritime attorney houston

Despite their prevalence in television and movies, piracy and kidnappings are a real threat to the maritime industry today. Ship owners must ensure that the crew is reasonably protected and prepared against potential pirates or hijackers. Companies often avoid the safety of their staff in the name of profits. If such negligence occurs, the crew may be able to hold their company liable and receive compensation.

maritime labor law attorney at houston,tx

Transportation to offshore installations often occurs on helicopters. These accidents result in many injuries and are the biggest cause of death in the industry. Just getting to the workplace overseas is the most dangerous part of the job according to CDC studies. Mechanical failures, weather, and operator error can turn helicopters and other transportation into a life-changing experience.

putnam + maritime+ attorney+ houston

The marine industry is a primary source of employment in Houston and throughout Texas, employing more than 1.3 million people.

The number one US port in foreign waterborne tonnage extends from the Port of Houston to the Gulf of Mexico, ranking second in the country for its contribution to the maritime industry.

Marine jobs offer high salaries that provide financial stability for workers and their families, but they come at a cost. Work requires long hours and can be incredibly dangerous, which means that men and women who work in the maritime industries put their health and well-being at risk every day.

maritime accident attorney houston

Fortunately, there are several laws that protect shipping workers in the event of injury on the job. American workers injured at sea are protected by federal legislation called the Jones Act. The law allows qualified marine workers who are injured in an accident or fall ill while on the job to pursue their employers for compensation.

Unfortunately, not all Navy personnel are eligible for compensation under the Jones Act. If you sustain an injury at work, a marine accident litigation attorney in Houston will review the circumstances of your injuries, and seek the best source of compensation, which may include workers compensation.

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